Ash Riviera Rules

Welcome to our Resort. Please follow the rules we have established.  If you have any questions please contact us.

  1. Occupancy and use of the resort begins on May 1 and ends October 1.
  2. Your site includes a parking spot for one vehicle and 1 boat slip.  Overflow parking is available for extra vehicles and guest parking. There is additional charge for more than one boat slip.  
  3. No transfers or subletting is allowed. (You must be present when having guests).
  4. There is no parking allowed on grassy areas. 
  5. RV sites are based on 4 person capacity. Sleeping tents are allowed on a temporary basis at $10 per person. 
  6. Showers and laundry are for you and your guests. 
  7. If you are gone for extended periods do not leave your air conditioning unit on. 
  8. Your unit must be licensed and up to date with the license displayed according to St. Louis County law.  This includes boats and 4 wheelers. 
  9. Parking of golf carts is allowed near the sauna area only and clear of the area near the fire patio. 
  10. Parking for unloading and loading of supplies is allowed in the short driveway near the fire patio. Extended parking here is not allowed. 
  11. Campfires are allowed in fire rings only. We are required to follow restricted guidelines during dry periods. Firewood is available on site. Other wood cannot be brought into the park from outside sources. 
  12. No cutting or trimming of trees or bushes is allowed. 
  13. Please feel free to use the common areas near the river. Do not remove any furniture. The Sauna is available for your use by appointment only. 
  14. Children must be accompanied by an adult when near the river or on the docks.  Please pick up any toys etc. 
  15. Pets must be leashed at all times. Receptacles for droppings are available near the river and RV Park. 
  16. Please help us by separating and recycling garbage in bins by the garage. Dump days are Wednesday and Saturday.
  17. Quiet times are before 8am and after 10:30pm.  

Thank you and we hope you enjoy your time with us.